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Original hand crafted works of art


CardSharks+: Original hand crafted works of art

CardSharks+ cards are original hand crafted works of art created by people whose lives have been altered by brain injury. CardSharks+ began in 1995 as a weekly craft program, created in response to requests from individuals who wanted to develop and showcase their creativity.  Today, product lines include beautiful handcrafted all occasion and holiday cards.  Our custom-designed holiday greeting cards are a favourite of our corporate clients who want something unique for their customers.

With money generated from the sale of products, participants are able to cover the cost of materials as well as receive some financial compensation for their work. This valuable program provides a work alternative for many individuals who face significant barriers in other employment settings due to their disability.  Our inclusive multi-step production model means that anyone can participate and that many hands are involved in the creation of each card.

All cards are for available for purchase; with 100% of the proceeds from sales going right back into the operation of the program.

Coming Soon: peruse design templates and place your orders instantly!

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