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Adult Day Services:

CHIRS' Adult Day Services (ADS) offers a variety of social, recreation and skill building programs to meet the needs and interests of its participants. These programs are developed and planned in collaboration with program participants and staff. Programs are run in accessible locations across the city in order to minimize travel and assist participants in getting to know the resources within their local communities. Some of the programs are run in partnership with local organizations and private businesses that provide their expertise, equipment and facilities. These relationships are mutually beneficial in allowing participants to try new programs and in helping to create a profile for brain injury within the greater community.

Many participants who attend the programs have experienced significant barriers in accessing "mainstream" programs due to cognitive, behavioural and social issues. ADS programs are geared to serve individuals who range in functional abilities - some attend independently while others require support in order to address physical and/or cognitive needs.

All Adult Day Service programs are run in a three- month cycle in order to allow participants to vary their schedules.   The Club is also available on a drop-in basis, with special programming provided by the CHIRS client Mentors.

"When I come to the Club it is my favourite part of the day - for the social contact and for underwriting the BBN. I like that staff encourage me to come and be with people, because often I work on my own. I like that I can come and do whatever I want, I have the choice whether to join programs or to just hang out. I feel that I have a voice in decisions that are made here." - Zia, CHIRS Client.  

All Adult Day Service programs require registration. Please contact the CHIRS Intake Department to register. Participants accessing Adult Day Service programs need to be independent for all transportation and personal support requirements, as one to one assistance is not available. Participants who require additional support are welcome to bring a family member or attendant. Please note that programs may be added or changed in response to participant feedback.

The Adult Day Service programs can be loosely grouped as fitness programs, group sports and skill building/recreation.  They have all grown out of suggestions by participants.  Please see the Program Description booklet for a comprehensive outline of all programs. The applicable registration form also lists the fees, location and dates.   You must be accepted into CHIRS services before attending any of the programs

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