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The Brainy Bugler Newsletter:

The Brainy Bugler
CHIRS has had a long history of publishing our stories in The Brainy Bugler Newsletter. Now it is time to catch up to the digital age and move online. In addition to our usual content of pictures and articles, we will now be able to include other content such as video and do so in a more timely manner. CHIRS members have built a strong community. In these strange and isolating times, it is even more important to stay connected. This blog will allow us to share our stories, thoughts and passions. We hope to keep you regularly engaged and show you what is happening in our community!


Winter 2018
Being an Ambassador  •  Filming at my House  •  Up in The Club  •  Winter Experience 2018  •  TOASTMASTERS  •  ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY 2017  •  Hallowe'en Dance!  •  THE MENTOR PAGE  •  Staff Stuff!  •  What's going on at Aldebrain?  •  St.Georges Holiday Party  •  Crickets  •  Resilience Perseverance and Resolution  •  In Memory  •  SAVE THE DATE!
Fall 2017
Doors Open Toronto!  •  Simon Says- A New Blog !  •  Summer In The City!  •  New Initiatives  •  Articles Of Interest  •  CHIRS Annual Picnic 2017 In Pictures  •  The Mentor Page  •  What's Up At Aldebrain?  •  Out And About  •  Toastmasters;
Spring 2017
Our Mentor Team Keeps Growing  •  Halloween Dance  •  CardSharks Gives Back  •  Therapy in the form of a Dog  •  Working Miracles Are Not Easy  •  Movember Moustache Winner  •  Volunteering as a Friendly Visitor at Toronto Western Hospital  •  ABI Play at the Flying Pony  •  CHIRS Annual Holiday Party  •  Aldebrain Annual Holiday Party  •  St. Georges Annual Tree Trimming Party  •  Toastmasters  •  Rob's Speech  •  The Mentor Page;
Winter 2016
CHIRS at the OBIA Conference  •  My time at the OBIA Conference  •  MY head exploded  •  and saved my life  •  BIST run  •  St. Georges has a new ride! Make that TWO new rides!  •  My trip to Cuba  •  Fern Resolt  •  Annual Holiday Party  •  Toastmasters The Mix  •  Sunny Days  •  Debut  •  Yoga at CHIRS  •  BIST/CHIRS Hallowe'en Dance  •  The CHIRS Greenhouse Group hard at work  •  The Annual CHIRS Club Holiday Party  •  The Mentor Appreciation Dinner  •  Cooking Club's Favourite Recipes Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits  •  Voyage  •  Soup Days!
Summer 2015
CardSharks celebrates 20 years  •  Meet the board of directors Karen Sasaki  •  CHIRS First ever doors open toronto  •  The chiry balladeers perform at Bendale Acres  •  Jody bears the torch at the Para Pan Am Games  •  CHIRS annual staff vs client softball game  •  Out and About  •  CHIRS annual picnic 2015-Art in the Park  •  Volunteering in the community  •  Toastmasters  •  Annual St.Patrick's Day Walk  •  Insurance Rally at Queens Park  •  Geneva Park 2015  •  Balancing Act  •  Freedom through swimming  •  Venus and Jupiter  •  Connection  •  Mindful Art  •  In memory Anna Carrabs
Winter 2015
A special celebration  •  Meet the board of directors: Stephen Randall  •  Out and about  •  The terry fox run/walk 2014  •  BIST run/walk 2014  •  Inspiration  •  Being a Grandma  •  Kill's Movie review - American Sniper  •  How to achieve your goals  •  Holiday Party  •  Thrill of the Chase  •  Mentors of the Month  •  Mentor Appriciation lunch  •  Fitness benefits  •  Mike's icebreaker speech  •  TTC Presentation with Andrey B. And Mary B.  •  Stretches in the club  •  Cardsharks special guest artist
Summer 2014
Toastmasters at CHIRS  •  Meet the board of directors: Nora Cullen  •  We've been busy  •  Acquarium Trip  •  Allow me to introduce myself  •  Ruby at CHIRS  •  Volunteer Service Awards  •  Lawn Bowling  •  CHIRS Annual Family Picnic  •  Mentor of the Month  •  In the kitchen  •  Out and About and Mentor Group Happenings  •  Keep Looking  •  Art in life by Neil D.  •  Photography Workshop  •  Toastmasters Shayna B. Tostmaster ice breaker  •  I'm so excide  •  Art and talent show 2014  •  Poetry and Art  •  A synopsis of my beginnings  •  paintings by Yang Gie  •  CHIRS client & Family holiday party  •  Directions to Cummer avenue united church
Winter/Spring 2014
Highest bowling score in the history of CHIRS Rob B scores a 297  •  The brainy bugler is going paperless  •  Get to know the chirs board members: stephen birman  •  samantha chapman  •  Annual BIST Run  •  Mentor Appreciation Lunch  •  We've bene busy  •  Mentor appreciation  •  mentors awarded lovebot #004  •  The CHIRS Annual Holiday Party  •  Aldebrain Holiday Party  •  The importance of music  •  Marcy's Pet Corner  •  Mentor of the month  •  ZZ Top at casino rama  •  The five best things about winter  •  Blazing paddles  •  Hanging Out  •  Words of wisdom
Summer 2013
Animals invade the picnic  •  Get to know the chirs board members: maureen bird-graper  •  rika vander laan  •  In memory  •  Iron Chef Challenge  •  St. Lucia adventure  •  ABI and Marginalization  •  Johnny and Mary  •  Jill's Review The Great Gatsby  •  Marcy's Pet Corner  •  Saying Goodbye to East Swim Program  •  Jungle Jam  •  CHIRS annual picnic 2013  •  Client updates  •  kids party  •  Mentor of the month  •  St. Patricks Day Walk 2013  •  What makes me happy  •  My Valentines Day  •  My wizard of Oz experience  •  Wheelchair & Walker clinic june 4 2013  •  Turnabout  •  Words of wisdom Haiku poem  •  The earth  •  what I want  •  kindness
Winter 2013
Jody takes 11th in the Paralympics for equestrian  •  In memory Joseph Spitzer  •  Paul Capon  •  Jacqueline Bedard  •  Mentoring  •  Keep up the good work  •  The best hallowe'en Dance Yet  •  Kim's Dream  •  Adventures in Condo Living  •  CHIRS annual holiday party  •  luau style  •  CHIRS first annual basketball day  •  freelance  •  mentor of the month  •  Reuben's Restaurant  •  Payment  •  Celebrate good times come on  •  southern peach cobbler  •  my holiday in new york  •  Ugandan Folk Story  •  Sign language Corner
Summer 2012
Another busy summer of fun  •  3rd annual mentor appreciation celebration  •  Staff milestones  •  CHIRS at BIST run  •  Another chance to give back  •  My stay at Geneva Part 2012  •  My Kingston Trip  •  Namaste  •  Zoo to you  •  Headwaters ABI group picnic  •  Annual staff vs client baseball game  •  Rec island  •  Mentor of the month Don M.  •  Jason G.  •  John S.  •  Do they really exist  •  My experience with Gallstones  •  Showering  •  Our aging planet  •  You Don't remember  •  I can't forget  •  Compromising Beliefs  •  Brian's critique corner  •  Sign Language Corner: funny  •  stop  •  lunch  •  The dormition of th evirgin mary
It's been a busy summer  •  recreation island  •  My journey to Kingston  •  NAOSH week  •  Pet Therapy  •  Laughing Yoga  •  My Hamster  •  U2 ME2  •  Gardening  •  Barbeque  •  Beatles week  •  ODSP and earning extra money  •  outdoor cooking  •  my family trip  •  day at the zoo  •  puppets  •  the chiry balladeers  •  St.Gearges Garden  •  Mickey Mouse  •  Mentors of the month: Shannon Yade, Zia Ladha, Mike Vetter  •  Poetry Page: wen i'm with you a song, brass tacks, clean monday
CHIRS got talent  •  Many thanks  •  spring cleaning, wheelchair and walker cleaning and repair clinic  •  In memory: tom leonard, scott ortiz  •  self defense class awards  •  My story  •  Our trip to Paris  •  Our aging planet  •  Annual St. Patricks Day Walk/Run/Roll  •  Bocce Champions  •  CHIRS Got Talent  •  Family Day  •  Coping with a brain injury  •  Could you please stop the noise  •  CHIRS at the movies  •  Baseball History  •  March Madness  •  Mentors of the month: Tom, Lorraine, Marcy  •  Mentorship, Poetry Page: The memory, Le Tourbillon de le Vie, CHIRS theme song
Fall/Winter 2011
The mentors take over the clubhouse  •  Many thanks  •  in memore of: Michael Bradley  •  me to we  •  Life is a roller coaster  •   Cruise'n for the holidays  •  Day Tripping  •  Hallowe'en Dance  •  Annual Holiday Party mix and mingle 2010  •  East coast road trip part two  •  Batman's Vehicles from the past to the present  •  which way to sussex  •  On my own  •  opa the joys of greek cuisine  •  living in the east coast  •  The clubhouse grand re-opening  •  Frank at the movies: the social network, stone, unstoppable, the secretariat
Summer 2010
Message from the executive director  •  6 Crazy guys take on queen's park  •  Victoria falls a nature special  •  reach for the stars  •  in my life  •  Peter Roberts' Graduation  •  baseball  •  Road Trip  •  Local Artist Lynn B  •  CHIRS annual family picnic 2010  •  Taste of the danforth review  •  vive le francais  •  austrain cuisine  •  montreal  •  asian healthy choices  •  East coast road trip  •  a work in progress  •  Frank at the movies: the switch  •  eat pray love  •  the expendables  •  piranha 3d  •  poetry corner: emotional me
March 2010
Hedy Chandler wins the Professional of the Year Award from the Ontario Brain Injury Association  •  CHIRS Holiday Party 2009  •  Cruise'n for the holidays  •  Mentors' Group  •  Fishing Group  •  The CHIRY Balladeers  •  Sunday Outing Club  •  A Poem Not Written  •  Plentify Regrets  •  The Music Stopped  •  Casa Loma  •  Slumdog Millionaire  •  So you think you can dance  •  BBN Writers this I believe  •  Bedgeting a beliefe  •  Too much violence in the world  •  Friendship  •  Gratefulness  •  Being Positive  •  Music for the masses  •  How does music connect people  •  Music has the power to connect us all  •  How does music connect people  •  Music unites us  •  Ways by which music connects us, a novel concept, The toxic avenger stage play  •  new friends  •  funny creature  •  Quizzy's Corner Volume 1
Winter/Spring 2009
CHIRS 1st Annual Mentors Appreciation Luncheon  •  CHIRS at the eighth world congress on brain injury  •  environmentalism for everybody  •  wind power what it is  •  effects of wind power on our environment  •  history of wind power  •  Bio-fuels in, fossils out  •  CHIRS at the WWE  •  2010 St. Patrick's Day Run/Walk  •  Spring Fling 2010  •  Good idea  •  epilepsy awareness day  •  Peter's Trip to Florida  •  Toronto Rehabilitation Foundation  •  Animal Care  •  Kindred Spirits  •  Ladies First Hocker Foundation  •  The importance of Diabeletes Awareness  •  Mental Illness  •  Love  •  Joy of Life  •  Lonesome  •  Sudoku
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