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Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors

January 2021


Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors: January 2021

It has been my personal and professional pleasure to have been a Director of CHIRS since 2012 and the Chair of the Board of Directors since 2017. Speaking on behalf of the Board as a whole, we are so honoured to be associated with such an outstanding and progressive organization, led and supported by a dedicated team of professionals.

While the pandemic has had a profound impact on CHIRS' staff and clients, the early actions taken by the staff, and the ability of the organization to be proactive in its response to the pandemic has been nothing short of impressive. CHIRS has, time and again, risen to the many challenges posed by the pandemic, and our dedicated team continues to persevere to ensure that CHIRS' clients receive the exemplary services for which we have come to be known. As a modest token of the Board's appreciation for all of the hard work that the staff has put forth this year, it was the Board's absolute pleasure to provide a catered Christmas Day Feast for CHIRS residential clients and staff; we hope everyone enjoyed it.

Supporting CHIRS in addressing COVID-19 has been at the forefront of the Board's mandate this year, but we have also achieved other notable accomplishments; please review The Community Head Injury Resource Service Impact Report 2019 for more detail.

Part of supporting CHIRS involves the Board providing strategic direction to the organization. With the engagement of an external consultant in November 2019, the CHIRS management team and the Board revisited and revised our Strategic Plan. The Board has been monitoring progress and steadfast in its efforts to ensure compliance with the Strategic Plan. For an "At-a-Glance" look at our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. In that same spirit, the Board has also been attentive to the CHIRS Governance Policies, which the Board regularly reviews and updates as necessary.

A strength of the Board is our ability to work collaboratively to tackle whatever issues appear before us. To evaluate those efforts, among others, Board members complete an annual Board Evaluation Survey plus a Self-Assessment Survey. The results of these surveys help the Board evaluate contributions and progress against measurable deliverables. In 2020 we introduced a 3600 Peer Feedback Survey, which facilitated constructive feedback on individual performance, with the objective of enhancing overall Board performance. I am pleased to report that we continue to see validating feedback and creative ideas.

It has been my pleasure to serve on the Board of an organization that continues to strive for and deliver excellence, from the top down. The Board is committed to continuing to support the organization's mission to improve the quality of life for persons living with the effects of acquired brain injury and to be leading-edge in the provision of evidence-based community and client-centred services in the field of Acquired Brian Injury.

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