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cTech Overview
cTech Overview

The CHIRS cTech Program

The cTech program is a new initiative of Community Head Injury Resource Services (CHIRS) that uses mobile technologies such as the iPhone, Blackberry, or tablets to assist in brain injury rehabilitation. In a nutshell, the program aims to help adults with an acquired brain injury compensate for their cognitive difficulties.

Our services include individual and group training. Individual training uses an errorless training approach such as that used by Baycrest hospital’s Memory-Link program, pioneered by Dr. Brian Richards. Memory-Link teaches individuals with severe memory impairment to use the calendar function on mobile devices. The training initially focuses on basic skill acquisition and then moves on to the use of the skill in real-life situations to meet a client’s specific goals. Other apps such as Skype, email, texting, to-do list, maps, safari, iPod etc. can also be taught depending on the client’s needs and expressed goals.

Clients can also participate in the CHIRS tech group that is facilitated by a neuropsychologist and behaviour therapist. This 12-week group is designed for clients who are capable and motivated to use the technology for the purposes of cognitive compensation and reducing the impact of disability. The group covers a handful of topics meant to improve social participation, address memory and organization difficulties, reduce the likelihood of getting lost and provide a source of entertainment. The ability to participate positively in a group setting is important. This group is not suited for individuals with severe memory impairments where individualized errorless training may be more appropriate.

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